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We pulled off at a random exit to secure the hood of the car and ended up having a long conversation with a father and his two daughters. They invited us onto the land of their roadside farm after they saw me in the middle of the road photographing the overpass.


With temporary tattoos on her neck and temples, rain boots on her feet, and straw in her hands-- the youngest told me about helping to birth piglets. While she talked I scanned the cows grazing in the field's last section of light. To me they all looked the same: faint rib outline and long tails swatting flies away. Pointing to each animal across the visible property, she told me their names and remembered, Brisket was nice... but he was also good to eat.  The father told us about how he inherited the farm, the satisfaction of providing financially and nutritionally for his family, but also reflected on the immense dedication it takes to work with the land and animals. Edna, the sow pictured, was due to give birth that night or the next. After we left I realized we had never exchanged names. 


on the boardwalk in October 


after we broke through the tree line


Ella Mae on the porch


after rain
drawing with breath




Talking with Aaron Livingston (of Son Little) after his show 


Sometimes if they were outside when I walked through the park on my way home, I would sit and chat with Matt and Brian. They started talking to me one day when they saw me walking around with my camera. At the time of this picture they were in a transitional period out of prison, living in the halfway house across the block. The residents are aloud outside twice a day to get used to "the real world." The elderly woman pictured spoke little English and was very alarmed after a police car drove abruptly down the sidewalk, but she laughed after Matt and Brian asked her to play football. There were many different ways the guys interacted with the each other, the public, and vice versa. I find it interesting to consider how the semiotics of space impact interaction and the boundaries of routine and conversation. They both have since moved out of the house.

Mikaela outside after her wedding day

outside after her wedding day


A photo of Tyler & Charlotte in the hallway of Charlotte's building during the shooting of a video project they helped create. 

Alessandro under the dogwood tree

under the dogwood tree